Post op life, hats and sleepyness.

since my hysterectomy i have been slowly recovering, things to be honest have gone better than i thought they would. I haven’t had any infections or anything, my fybromyalgia has worsened but i did expect that, as i sit here with a blanket on, pain all over my body i am telling you all that i feel great, i do understand thats a contradiction but i really do. my adenymyosis had got to the point where i was constantly experiencing symptoms,i was hormonal a complete mess. thats all gone now and i feel amazing. so.. the start of my new life ad all that jazz.


I have been making hats for those who are in need and it seems to have spiralled, it began as making a few hats for a project that is here locally, its now turned into a massive project helping those in fuel poverty to keep warm, i have asked local people for help with this and hope the donations come in soon so i can get them distributed asap as its really cold out.



wow women are amazing

I woke up this morning in a full blown fibro flare, as some of you know I have fibromyalgia and have been up and down over the last few weeks, I think its all to do with worry about my impending surgery.

so.. after a nap, about a million calories consumed by the way of biscuits and another nap I turned on the laptop to begin typing up minutes from my last meeting, a quick check of ravelry to see what I plan on making this evening when my fingers decide to work again and ill be good to go. so I thought anyway.


as I logged in I noticed all of the messages. messages from women telling me there stories, some wishing me well for my surgery and a few questions about the pattern I posted. now I am a massive believer in women being amazing anyway but this has just completely reinforced my opinion, I feel that I need to say thank you to each and every person who has sent me a message or downloaded the pattern I hope it makes you very happy.

wile I sit here and type this Loose women is on in the background and I see how inspirational those women are, they are talking about body confidence and saying what we have been thru defines who we are and to not be ashamed. I want to say the same thing to each and every one of you out there, the ones who sent me a message, took time out of there busy day to wish me well. you really are amazing. thank you for making me feel so much less alone than I have been feeling. even those women who are reading this, never ever feel like you are alone, there are people out there who love you and you are not alone.


now I really should get on with the work I logged on to do.x

Why are our children being failed by the NHS?

I watched a documentary the other night, in its self thats nothing unusual, since I have been living with chronic pain and fatigue I am in bed early and put the tv on because this seems to be the only place I can find some form of comfort.

The documentary was a bout a journalists daughter who had suffered from anorexia really felt for her but what spurred me to write this post was the fact that mental health services are just not available for young people when they need it, they have to be so unwell they are literally fighting for there lives in order to get the help they need. Why is this ok? I think to myself about any other illness that help would not be given to a child and I canot find a single one, so what makes it ok for children to not receive the help they need when its mental health, there are a staggeringly small amount of beds available for children that have eating disorders in the UK.. I have to ask, if your child had an illness that means they needed to be in hospital, any illness and you was told there are no beds for them anywhere in the country and they have to be at the point of death before receiving treatment what would you do?

I know if it was me I would be talking to every single newspaper, every single tv program and magazine that would listen. I would be making a huge noise about it, so why are there no beds for children with eating disorders.

25 years ago Princess Diana discussed very openly and candidly about how she had suffered from balemia and how much it had effected her, I have to wonder, if she was alive today and discussed it, would that make a change? What can we as a society do to make sure beds are available to those children that need them and how can we break the taboo of mental health,

Children are not the only ones effected by the postcode lottery that we call our mental health services. Where you live determines what care you get and how effective it is, I can only draw the conclusion that the NHS is in fact not equal at all. And if we don’t have equality within the NHS where else within society is equality just a pipe dream and not a reality at all.

Even looking at it from a law point of view, it is illegal to discriminate against someone because of illness or disability, so are the NHS breaking laws, is discrimination just a dirty word we use when we feel we are being denied something we need? Or should we in fact live in an equal society where we all have the same opportunities in life, no matter who or what we are.

Septembers going to change my life

I haven’t updated this blog for so long, literally years, but its time now that I want to document what’s happening with me. since I have had a whole ten views I feel like I really should make an effort. the idea of this blog is so I can look back and see how things have changed, I love knitting and crochet so will be adding things there. I will do my best to post at least twice a week, especially wile recovering as I think its important for women to understand what happens to you after surgery.


I have adenymyosis  fibromyalgia and something unknown that I am under investigation for. for the last ten years I have been fighting the NHS to remove my womb and give me quality of life back, in December things came to a head and I ended up in hospital with the pain, since then I have been taken seriously and its just aswel because I am no longer fully mobile and I struggle on a day to day basis. I am still able to use my brain though, I am proud to tell you all I am a town councillor and have been for a few months now, I feel like I can make a real change witch makes me happy. I am also studying with Lester college on a distance learning course, equality and diversity, the more I study this the more it upsets me about how much inequality there is in Britain. not just in cities but in local towns and villages, anyway the big news is I am going in for a total hysterectomy soon, they are taking my ovaries and womb etc., its all going, so I will go into surgical menopause but that’s nothing compared to what I am experiencing at the moment.


The menopause shawl.

The Menopause Shawl

Beginners edition.

I am having a hysterectomy soon and they are taking my ovaries as well, I was advised that I will go into surgical menopause within 4 hours of waking from my surgery, after discussing what to expect with other people who have been thru the same operation and with the same additional health problems as I have I have decided to make a menopause shawl. Originally I wanted to make a lacy shawl however the yarn I decided upon is very busy and I wanted the yarn to so the talking, I will be making the lacy one and will write up a pattern as an advanced pattern.

This pattern is beginner friendly and the easiest shawl you will ever make, there is no way to forget your place, no need for stitch markers and you will not need the pattern any more after a few rows as its repetitive.

please note:a similar or same pattern may be in existence, but as I have not used a pattern from a designer or seen the same shawl anywhere I believe I am not knowingly breaking any copyright or rules.

This shawl would be great for charity knits or a little hug when your watching tv.

Row 1. cast on 4 stitches using your favourite cast on method.

Row 2. knit

Row 3 purl

Row 4 k1 yarn forward as if you are going to purl, k to last stitch yarn forward k1

Row 5. purl

Row 6. repeat row 4

Row 7. repeat row 5

repeat row 4 and 5 until you have only enough yarn left to cast off.

Cast off and block (you need to block as the bottom will curl)


saving saving, selling, more saving

okay so, hubby and I have a little plan on the go, but in order to put this plan into action we are going to need some excess cash. well actually quite a bit of cash. (like 4k, thats alot)

other than saving, wich i am absoloutley rubbish at, I plan to halve the weekly food budget and save the money i would have spent for our new venture. I am also going to sort thru my boxes and boxes of craft stuff that hasnt been looked at since i bought it and get that sold on, creating space and helping the plan fund.

tonight we had sausages with salad and chips, the chips were part of a meal deal in some supermarket or another, sausages from the butcher £5 a pack but theres enough for another meal there and the salad, well its salad it was about 3 quid i think. it did give me an idea tho, I am going to blog each night about what we have had and post a recipe/costing, mainly so i can look back and see what has been accheved but also so if any of my knitting/crochet friends that look at my blog fancy a cheap meal idea, its right here for them.

so.. until tomorow, when its steak and sausage pie..

if your ravelry que could talk, what would it say?

me and my ravelry que clearly need to talk

okay obviously you cant talk to your ravelry que but if you could, what would it say? mne would just laugh at me and tell me i am mad if i think I am actually getting thru it in 2015.

so far I have 71 items qued. and only god knows how many in my library waiting to join the que, but me being me have all these plans of getting thru it n good tme and actually completing the que without adding more before santa claus comes and graces my house with piles and piles of junk.

I have had to change the order tonight because I actually have no green yarn, why do i have no green yarn, how did this even happen, I have over 30 blues, about a bazillion pinks but no green. what a dumb ass. looks like green needs to happen sharpish.

me and my que clearly need to have words.. and i need to stop searching awesome patterns.

Everyone Loves a quickie.x

ok so the title isnt exactly what you thought, its actually about a super quick project i found on ravelry.

heres the link if you fancy having a go yourself.x

I love this project because firstly its super chunky, the actual pattern uses four strands of dk but i chose to use three, simply because I was too lazy to go and find another ball of the same coloured yarn.

I love the way its turned out, next time I might do it wider but for a small person I think this width is absoloutley fine.

scarf1 scarf2

I think some multicoloured ones might be on the cards for next time. good excuse to buy more wool i guess 🙂

all i did was chain 100,

row 1: dc

row 2-4 treble

add some fringing at both ends.

so simple and I am sure one of my daughters will love it. now off to find a super fast anniversary gift for hubby.. I had forgotten and its today oops.x

flowers for the girlies

I am just parking this post here really so I can come back to it, I have been making flowers to use on hair clips for my daughters but thought it would be a fun project for them to do on a rainy day so  tried to write down how I do my flowers. this proved more difficult than i originaly thought because I am rubbish at making patterns.


Here are some of the flowers I have been playing with to try and get a design i can use on hairclips.

originally heres the wording i jotted down when I was making up flowers

chain 4
slip stitch into third chain to make a loop
ch3 counts as 1 tr 11 tr into ring and slip to join
1dc 2tr 1dc into stitch you just slipped into, sl st, 1dc 2tr 1dc into each stich join with a sl st and tie off
sew button into centre.

but after asking on facebook because I knew it was confusing a helpful friend of mine Joanne Salter helped me to make the wording make more sence (her words are below with permission)

Ch4, slst into first ch to make loop.
Into loop: ch3 (tr), 11 tr, slst to top of ch3 (12 tr)

[Ch2 (dc), 2tr, dc] into first St, [dc,2tr,dc] into each St around, slst into top of ch2. [24 dc / 24 tr] finish off.

Add button

this way makes much more sence. thank you Joanne.

if you are reading this and are not one of my children please go and Like her page on facebook

if you are one of my children and have liked her page.. get off facebook your too small to be on there.x

Girls, on the next rainy day lets make flowers.x

we could even make a hat?


Ruffle Ruffle Ruffle


Sideways picture sorry.

I have been seeing alot of questions on social media about how to use the netted ruffle scarf yarn. Having made a few scarves from this and having *ahem* one or two balls in my stash I thought i would do a blog post to show how I use it.

I do feel like I am cheating on my crochet hook a little bit here because the scarf is knitted, however I just dont lke the way it turns out when its crochet so knitted it is.

rufflescarf4 rufflescarf3 rifflescarf2 rufflescarf1

As you can see from the image I have used Stylecraft Ruffles. when you open it up there is like a netting.

when you knit with this, you want to use the thin edge of the netting and leave the thick edge for the ruffle, it gives a better Finnish.

I have used 10mm needles.

Cast on 10 stitches by placing the first ten holes on the top of the netting onto your needles.

knit every row by knitting one hole missing one hole knitting one hole missing one hole


repeat this row until you are at the end of the yarn, untwisting as you go

cast off.

i hope this is helpful if you think anything needs adding please just let me know and i will ammend it.x